In 2009 Dr. Mohamed Shehata established the first animal welfare association specialized in Spay/Neuter awareness and training program EVAC (Egyptian Vets for Animal care).

Dr. Mohamed Shehata and a group of young veterinarians, they offered training programs for fresh graduates and managed a small scale street animal treatment/sterilization program.

In December 2015, EVAC became a registered NGO ( Registration no. 5789)

EVAC main programs:

1.Spay & Neuter Awareness Programs (SNAP) to effectively control the over population of street animals in Cairo in a humane way.

2.Medical and surgical Training programs (MSTP) for freshly graduated veterinarians and senior students of the Veterinary Collage within the concept of animal welfare and updating their scientific knowledge about the newest advanced techniques in animal care.

3. Conducting series of workshops and educational videos to improve the quality of animal medical care in practice.  Organizing educational seminars, medical convoys and awareness campaigns serving the benefit of human, animal and environment.

4.Establish mobile medical care stations all over Cairo.

5.Finding alternatives to using living animals in the fields of education and research.
6.Protection of wildlife and the environment.


Only by your support, these goals shall be achieved.